Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C., Named a Top 300 Firm

2015_IPA-300_WebDalby, Wendland & Co., P.C., is honored to be recognized by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) as a Top 300 Firm. The October issue of IPA will pick up where September’s IPA 200 issue left off, ranking firms by revenue from No. 201 to No. 300. This definitive list was developed by gathering information from more than 500 firms that completed IPA’s Survey and Analysis of Firms. The IPA survey and benchmarking report is the gold standard within the profession. Many professional associations also aided in the search for firms to add to the list, which IPA plans to publish annually.

Firm President Steve Carver said, “Recognized as being in the top 300 public accounting firms in the nation is really an honor for us. I think it speaks to the level of skill, talent, and hard work of our professionals, as well as the legacy of the Firm. We are grateful to our clients, employees, and communities for helping us come so far.”

For the most recent fiscal year, IPA 300 firms range in size from $7.7 million to $15 million, and from 25 to 120 staff. These firms employee more than 6,700 total staff across the nation.