Forensic Accounting, Consulting, Litigation Support Services

Dalby Wendland has considerable expertise in forensic accounting, consulting, and litigation support services. Our certified forensic accounting, business valuation, and audit professionals assist attorneys, courts, financial institutions, insurance companies, businesses, and other organizations to expose potential fraud, analyze complex financial and business information, and provide an independent objective opinion.  We document and report with clarity and can provide expert testimony or assist in settlement negotiations.

Our experience includes:

  • Fraud and embezzlement/theft investigations
  • Fraud risk assessment, prevention, and compliance
  • Litigation consultation and expert witness
  • Business contract disputes
  • Economic damages resulting from shareholder disputes
  • Business valuation

Here are a few case study summaries of our work:

Two partners were in dispute as to funds available to the partnership. Through our forensic investigation techniques, it was discovered that one of the partners was utilizing the various businesses as a personal checking account. Funds found misappropriated were six figures. The case settled before the court date.

A management company was found embezzling client funds. We exposed the management company was not properly reporting activity to their clients, as well as finding creative ways to make payments to themselves for services provided by other vendors. Funds embezzled were six figures. The case settled before any court proceedings.

An individual was suing their former employer for lost wages. The lost wages calculated to six figures. The case settled one hour before the deposition.

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