Specialized Services

In addition to our core accounting services, Dalby Wendland provides specialized services to support businesses and business owners.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Transferring ownership and management control of a business can be complex. A business owner should consider the financial goals and implications of the transaction as well as the emotional and human impacts it will have on the owner, the owner’s family, and the employees.

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Prepare for the Future of Your Business

Valuation of a business is needed and sometimes required for specific transactions and planning. If you are looking to, or have recently made, a major investment in your company, plan to buy/sell in the near future, are filing for reorganization, need substantial financing or insurance coverage, or you are looking to plan for your estate, you likely need one.

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Lower Your Tax Bill and Increase Cash Flow

Cost segregation studies can be a valuable tool for individuals and businesses who own commercial and investment real estate. Both small and larger property owners can realize significant tax deduction and tax credit incentives, including those related to “green” and energy efficiencies. Cost segregation can also be especially helpful when it comes to applying the recently enacted Tangible Property Regulations (TPRs).

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Dalby Wendland has considerable expertise in forensic accounting, consulting, and litigation support services. Our certified forensic accounting, business valuation, and audit professionals assist attorneys, courts, financial institutions, insurance companies, businesses, and other organizations to expose potential fraud, analyze complex financial and business information, and provide an independent objective opinion.

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Impartial Solutions for Complicated Issues

Taxation of bankruptcy estates is one of the more complex areas of the tax code. Court rulings have increased the confusion and management of bankruptcy related business matters which now require specialized knowledge and skills that span disciplines of intense analysis, forensic accounting, and bankruptcy law to reach a final resolution.

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