Meet Our Team

More than 70 years of experience provides Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C.’s clients with a distinct and critical strategic advantage. Our people put depth of experience to work for our clients’ long-term success, and along the way, we’ve forged solid business and personal relationships within our communities.


Christopher L. West, CPA
Christopher L. West, CPACEO and Principal
Christopher T. Allen, CPA
Christopher T. Allen, CPAPrincipal
Duane W. Antes, CPA
Duane W. Antes, CPAPrincipal
Lisa L. Cunningham, CPA
Lisa L. Cunningham, CPAPrincipal
Nathan A. Fyock, CPA, ABV
Nathan A. Fyock, CPA, ABVPrincipal
Kevin D. Gibson, CPA
Kevin D. Gibson, CPAPrincipal
Mark L. Groves, CPA
Mark L. Groves, CPAPrincipal
Donna M. Hardy, CPA, CVA
Donna M. Hardy, CPA, CVAPrincipal
Sabrina J. Hoyt, CPA
Sabrina J. Hoyt, CPAPrincipal
Greg A. Keller, CPA, PFS
Greg A. Keller, CPA, PFSPrincipal
Ralph A. “Buck” Miller, CPA, CVA
Ralph A. “Buck” Miller, CPA, CVAPrincipal
Michael B. West, CPA
Michael B. West, CPAPrincipal

Associate Principals

Essie A. Becker, CPA
Essie A. Becker, CPAAssociate Principal
Sarah J. Fischer, CPA
Sarah J. Fischer, CPAAssociate Principal
Rachel M. Schlepp, CPA
Rachel M. Schlepp, CPAAssociate Principal
Lisa A. Thon-Kollar, CPA
Lisa A. Thon-Kollar, CPAAssociate Principal


Jennifer S. Barnhill, EA
Jennifer S. Barnhill, EAManager
Matt J. Bieberly, CPA
Matt J. Bieberly, CPAManager
Steven R. Carver, CPA, PFS, CGMA
Steven R. Carver, CPA, PFS, CGMAManager
Susan L. Fezer, CPA
Susan L. Fezer, CPAManager
Loren L. Hofer, CPA
Loren L. Hofer, CPAManager
Lynn A. Kleager, CPA, ABV, CFF
Lynn A. Kleager, CPA, ABV, CFFManager
Brooke A. McKenzie, CPA
Brooke A. McKenzie, CPAManager
Mark W. Plantz, CPA
Mark W. Plantz, CPAManager
Jennifer M. Street, CPA
Jennifer M. Street, CPAManager
Sean P. Tankersley, CPA
Sean P. Tankersley, CPAManager
Kelsa D. Tinsley, CPA
Kelsa D. Tinsley, CPAManager

Firm Operations

Matt J. Leach, PAFM
Matt J. Leach, PAFMFirm Administrator
Shannon R. Nelson, CPA, CGMA
Shannon R. Nelson, CPA, CGMAController
Sonya L. Foster
Sonya L. FosterMarketing Manager